Monday, January 17, 2011

My Envisioned Poster process

Happy New Year, people! Hope you're having a good one so far. I recently enter a contest for Superhero Cocoa ( and I think I might have a shot. Here the process I went through.

Step One: The goal was to make a Superhero movie poster as if it were made prior to the 60's. It can be any hero from DC or Marvel, as long as it's made to look plausible before the 60's. Here are a few posters I took a look at for inspiration. I ended up choosing the internationalposter of "Forbidden Planet" 'cause of how haunting, mysterious and inspiring it looked.

Step Two: What's a poster without the main character? I chose The Vision, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, for three reasons. 1: I felt as though it would be perfect for this kind of contest 'cause it's sci-fi (the most popular movie genre during the 20th century) and it involves a long forgotten superhero. 2. I enjoy science fiction 'cause it can go ANYwhere. 3. I was already making drawings of this character. Just a blatant hope of revamping his story my own way. Here is the original design and a few of my redesigns.

Step Three: Now comes the hard part. . . making the poster. Here are a few sketches of the general idea,the idea I ended up sticking with and finally, a painting of the pencilled project, which took three days to complete!

Step Four: I had to straighten it out and erase all the pencil marks that I could 'cause of the way it was scanned. Also did some editing on Photoshop.

Step Five: Putting the words in.Ignore the one on the bottom. That's for something else.

Step Six: Putting it all together for your viewing pleasure.

Step Seven: Added a few details to make the poster look aged. And there you go! My poster is ready for the contest! Wish me luck!!!
Go to for a higher resolution.

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