Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Rooftop Redesigns: Aquaman & Static Shock

Hey y'all! Been a while, huh? Sorry, I've quite busy with work, competitions and all that jazz, but I did find time to enter some contests from Project Rooftop.

Entry #1: Aquaman
Last month, comic book artists were asked to redesign the king of the sea by costume or race. I chose to make Aquaman as a Nigerian god named Olokun 'cause I doubt there are people out there who know very much about Nigerian myth. I don't know why I put gills on his pecks, but whatever.

Entry #2: Static Shock
As you may have already heard, the comic book creator known as Dwayne McDuffie passed away about a week ago. So, in honor of the man, artists were called upon to redesign the costume of his greatest creation known as "Static Shock". Rest in peace, Mr. McDuffie.

The entries should be up on Project Rooftop soon (http://www.tencentticker.com/projectrooftop/). So, check 'em out when you have the chance.